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I would like you to know that it will get better, I promise. There will come a day when laughter and cheer erupt in the streets.
Sheer joy,
pure relief.

There will come a day when you unlock the front door after fiddling with the locks, trying to open it longer than you’d like to admit, and feel the fresh air dive into your lungs.

You’ll walk, no- run, onto the sidewalk as the rhythm of your feet build a beat on the concrete, which only contributes to the suspense. And then you’re there.

You’re past the overcast and look up to the sunrise. Each pastel color blends into another and this holy sight to see is only bettered by the glow of the golden sun.

You’ll lie on the empty street and smile to yourself – this moment is just between you and the never-ending sky.

There will come a time, sometime soon, when you hear the blast of the speakers at a party, the music’s strong and steady beat, pounding in your chest.

You take your friends’ hand and dance. Not a care in the world, because

I promise you, there will come a day when the gleam in your eyes shine brighter than it ever has before.

I know those hazel eyes have grown weary. And I see you’ve take cover underneath the blankets- to hide. To protect yourself from a world where you fear it is all out to get you. I know, I know.

But, please, my darling, get out of bed, slip on your shoes, and prepare yourself: because I promise you, that day is not so far away.


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