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New! FDA Approved!

New! FDA Approved! Orbera Gastric Balloon. A Non-surgical solution to losing and maintaining weight

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The Gastric Balloon is a unique and effective non-surgical weight loss program. It is an outpatient endoscopic procedure performed by our bariatric surgeons. The Gastric Balloon is unique in that it’s not a stand-alone diet, not surgery and not a diet pill. It has been a clinically accepted weight loss treatment internationally for many years.

The Gastric Balloon is a soft, expandable intragastric (inside the stomach) device that is temporarily inserted into the stomach. It provides a six-month kick start to healthy weight loss and is an ideal solution if you are looking to lose up to 10-15kgs* of excess weight but are fearful of surgery, fed up with diets, pills and other weight loss programs that just haven’t worked. It requires less work up and leads time compared to other bariatric procedures and operations. It is something to consider if you need help controlling your appetite or looking for an easy way to kick-start your weight loss?

The Gastric Balloon combines two effective therapies that combine to get you started on your weight loss journey.

  • Part 1 of the program is designed for the body to lose weight.
  • Part 2 is to help you manage your hunger, boost your willpower and change bad habits.

During those six months (and beyond) you will work together with our support team of weight loss experts on a personalized plan that is designed to:

  • Overcome the challenges of retraining your appetite
  • Help you to adopt new nutritional habits
  • Establish a reasonable exercise routine
  • Help you succeed and stay motivated

Experience demonstrates that the majority of a person’s weight loss typically occurs during the first three months of treatment. After that time the presence of the intragastric balloon plays a supportive role in helping you to maintain your new nutrition and exercise habits prior to removing it after six months.

The Gastric Balloon Managed Weight Loss Program can provide you with the tools to alter your eating behaviour, to start an exercise regime, and to keep you on track, but how much you lose depends on your level of motivation.

*Weight loss results vary from person to person.


The ORBERA balloon creates a feeling of fullness and reduces appetite. Therefore, you are in a better position to control your eating and make healthy choices and changes in your eating habits.

A. Since the balloon creates a feeling of fullness, you will not eat as much as you did prior to having it. Severe vomiting can occur as a result of overeating.

A. We encourage follow up visits to increase your success. We provide in these visits the necessary support and education to encourage you on the journey you have taken. A balloon is a tool and with our support, you will learn how to use it and create new eating habits and food choices.

A. Vomiting or nausea is a possible side effect for a few days after the balloon is inserted. However, we will provide medication to help minimize it. If you do not commit to dietary and behavioral changes, you may wind up losing very little weight or possibly none at all. If you commit to using the balloon (tool) with dietary and behavioral changes, success is much more likely.

A. The procedure to remove Orbera is not unlike that of an endoscopic procedure. It is removed the same way that it was inserted; through the mouth and esophagus. With the use of an endoscopic camera, a catheter goes into the mouth through to the stomach. The balloon is then punctured and deflated. Then it is grasped and removed back up through the mouth.

A. Everyone’s body can react differently. It is usually an average of five days for recovery. How quickly your body adjusts to the balloon will determine the length of your recovery.

A. The acidic content of the stomach can weaken the balloon material and cause it to deflate if the balloon remains in the stomach for a period longer than six months.

A. The support team provides the necessary information and encouragement to help you achieve your new lifestyle. They are there to assist you and help with any issues you may have and provide any advice you may need. They will provide, nutritional, exercise, and lifestyle advice to help you achieve long-term success. A once a month visit is recommended to help you reach and maintain your goals.

A. If you keep to the prescribed diet, exercise program and healthy lifestyle and continue with it, you should be able to maintain your weight loss. The balloon provides a kick start to your weight loss. If you follow the program you can lose more weight than dieting without it for twenty-four months and continue maintaining the weight loss.

A. Heavy activities should be curtailed for the first week immediately after the procedure. Normal activities can begin once the body has adjusted to the balloon. An exercise program should start as soon as you feel capable of doing it since it will improve your success.

A. Alcohol has calories without nutrition. Drinking alcohol should be kept to a minimum.

During the first few days after the procedure you will experience some discomfort. After that you will have no discomfort. While some people may feel the balloon externally, others will not. The feeling that you will experience is one of fullness.


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