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Obesity, hypertension, diabetes and heart failure responsible for two-thirds of COVID-19 hospitalizations

A modeling study suggests a majority of adult COVID-19 hospitalizations in the US  are attributable to at least one of four pre-existing conditions: obesity, hypertension, diabetes and heart failure, in that order. The findings were published in the paper, ‘Coronavirus Disease 2019 Hospitalizations Attributable to Cardiometabolic Conditions in the United States: A Comparative Risk Assessment […]

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COVID-19 VACCINES ARE EFFECTIVE AT PROTECTING YOU FROM GETTING SICK. Based on what we know about COVID-19 vaccines, people who have been fully vaccinated can start to do things that they had stopped doing because of the pandemic. WE’RE STILL LEARNING HOW VACCINES WILL AFFECT THE SPREAD OF COVID-19. We’re still learning how vaccines will […]

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