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Composing Your Life’s Symphony


Who has not dreamed of composing a SYMPHONY? Merriam Webster defines SYMPHONY as a “consonance of sounds or color” or “harmony or agreement among components.” A symphonic orchestra is generally comprised of brass, woodwind, string and percussion sections which, after much practice, come together to make a more beautiful sound than any section could produce alone. A masterful piece of art maybe a SYMPHONY of many colors, shades, shadows, and textures that have been endlessly reworked until the artist’s idea of perfection is achieved. Similarly, a classic novel may be viewed as a SYMPHONY of words, sentences, paragraphs and chapters by which characters, settings and themes come alive before a reader’s eyes. If we can agree that “the sum is often greater than its parts,” it makes sense that the stronger or more solid each component, the sturdier and more successful the whole entity SYMPHONY. Now, what has this to do with bariatric surgery?

While it is useful to consider bariatric surgery a critical component of your life’s SYMPHONY, it is not a stand-alone guarantee of success. All bariatric procedures must be bolstered, nurtured, and supported by other harmonious components and actions. A sound mind, strong and healthy body, a positive spirit, and a willingness to seek support, as needed, all play very important roles in achieving your own long-term “critical acclaim.” In a symphonic orchestra, if one section is off-key or sloppy, the total sound of a piece or production can be negatively impacted. And so it goes for your holistic well-being:

  • SOUND MIND:  Spouse, peer and family support, self-love and acceptance of your body’s changes may be the trumpets and trombones in your brass section!
  •  STRONG AND HEALTHY BODY: Healthy fuel, adequate hydration, appropriate vitamin supplements and weekly exercise may be the clarinets and oboes in your woodwind section!
  • POSITIVE SPIRIT: An ability to glean positivity from constructive criticism and life’s challenges may be the violins and cellos in your string section!
  • WILLINGNESS TO SEEK SUPPORT: Reaching out to supportive professionals if you meet a stall in your journey or when you feel overwhelmed may be the drums and bells in your percussion section!

Is composing your life’s SYMPHONY a challenge? You bet it is! (Perhaps the greatest challenge of your life!) Does it take hard work, practice, missteps and corrections, and continued motivation to get it just right? You bet it does! But when all the components come together (and they will), HOW SWEET IT IS!!



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