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ow that the summer has officially ended, I find myself looking toward the holiday “season” and what it might look like. I have always looked at the first few days in October as the opening of the holiday season. Why you ask? Simple reason. My first child was born October 4th and this year she turns 40, having just spent a year success- fully fighting Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Having received the news that her last scan came back completely clear was, in fact, the first salvo in celebration land, so it was an even earlier opening day for the holidays than usual. What is different is how we celebrated this event and how we will likely celebrate moving forward for a while. There were no hugs, she remains seriously immune suppressed after all and I’m old and still, according to the “charts” technically obese so we both need to be careful.

HANKSGIVING?  That news most certainly was a day for giving thanks, and that might be as close as we get. My wife and I have discussed what we will do this year and it sure looks like it will be just the two of us in our warm, comfortable home with likely some “Zooming” going on so that we can toast and give virtual hugs to all who are close to us.

HRISTMAS: probably similar, with gifts being delivered (wrapped, of course) and maybe there will be some openings via “Zoom” so we can see our grandchildren smile from afar.

do know this. Holidays are always a time for celebration and to renew and revisit loved ones and connect with them, taking time away from the frenetic days of “normal” life events. This year will be no different in that regard. While the delivery method might look somewhat different, the reasons for being thankful are even more this year.

am healthy, active, and thankful that I took the step to reduce my weight over 5 years ago and continue to maintain the results. While, as mentioned above, I am a shade over the “obese” like on the medical charts, I have lost more than a standard adult. My BMI may never be below 30 as I am also short (and apparently given my most recent physical, have lost ½ inch in height making the ratio even harder to break through). However, over 5 years ago my BMI was over 60, so that is also a reason to celebrate. his year, more than ever before, for many reasons, I will embrace the holiday season with all the emotional hugs I can give and get! Join in; will you!!

Kevin Fitzpatrick, Dr. Neil Floch’s gastric sleeve patient with over 180 lb. weight loss


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