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his represents another “light at the end of the tunnel” moments. This is how much additional daylight is added following the winter solstice. It keeps adding at that approximate rate (depending how close you are to the equator) until it pivots-= the other way in June where it begins to decline at the same rate.

hate winter (if you’ve read before you know that), I love the sunshine and daylight, I’ve been a “morning” guy all my life so each year I hold tighter and tighter to the day after the winter solstice and revel in the additional daylight we get for the next six months. This year, perhaps, more than ever before. Indoor dining is not on our radar for now, at least until we get the vaccine and can be confident in its efficacy. While it has been mild enough, for the moment, to continue to dine outside, that will come to a resounding close soon. It is already too cold to gather at a distance outside with a very small circle of friends (cue Phil Ochs) and the holidays, while nice, have been mostly solitary here at home with just Sue and I. Each evening, I look at the clock and feel that I can actually tell that we have more daylight (the power of perception and anticipation is never to be underestimated) and it makes me smile.

he vaccine makes me smile; the prospect it brings makes me smile; those we’ve lost while this has been mismanaged and/or callously ignored by the stupid actions of the ignorant and the entitled make me cry. Having taken the steps, over five years ago now, to lose many massive pounds makes me smile, and that was having no clue then, that other than immediate health improvements, those same steps would at least help me stay healthier and away from the plague of 2020.

njoy your extra 2+ minutes today, do something nice for yourself, better, do something nice for someone else!

Kevin Fitzpatrick, Dr. Neil Floch’s gastric sleeve patient with over 180 lb. weight loss


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