With much appreciation and gratitude, I welcome you to the Holiday issue of our Bariatric Lifestyle magazine. Unfortunately, this year, the holidays will be unlike those of the past. We all have memories of ‘what was’’ and live our lives loving and cherishing them. Yet, now we have to deal with “what is.” What is, doesn’t seem great, but within it we can find love, kindness, and happiness. With faith, courage, and inner strength (of course masks, social distancing, and hand washing included) we can conquer the silent invader.

Our first holiday of the season is Thanksgiving and that is always synonymous with “giving thanks.” With that in mind, I want to thank someone very special. That someone is “you.” You have joined me on the new journey I have taken with Nuvance Health and welcomed my bariatric lifestyle magazine into your life. I am most grateful and hope that I, along with all those who contribute to the magazine, contribute to helping you achieve long term weight loss, good health, and the happiness you deserve.

I would also like to single out our contributors, without whom, our magazine would not be possible. My thanks, which know no bounds, go to Nancy Murphy RDN CDE, Carol Bowen Ball from Bariatric Cookery, Wendy Campbell and Sandi Henderson from WLS Success Matters. Your advice, encouragement, and support are priceless. The articles you provide are eternal and you should take pride in knowing how much you have contributed to so many who are on a journey to regaining their health and recapturing their lives.

Two very special people, who you most probably know by now, Kevin Fitzpatrick and Violet Wolf, have opened up their hearts and souls to share their bariatric weight loss journey with us. The tales of their struggles and accomplishments have resonated with our readers and helped them navigate their own weight loss journies. I appreciate you, thank you, and am grateful for all you do.

While there may be an empty chair at this year’s holiday gathering because of the dreaded virus, we should look at it as being full of the love that our loved one brought into our lives. May their memory be eternal and comforting.

We will all soon celebrate the holidays, hopefully under the protective guidelines. I hope they are filled with love, family, and happiness. We look forward to a happier and brighter tomorrow, and hope you will let us help you. AS I have previously said, I wrap up my message as I did before, with the belief that the future is great when we help ourselves and accept help from others. Happy Thanksgiving. Merry Christmas. Happy Chanukah. Stay safe. Be well.

Dr. Neil Floch

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