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3/13/20 - it's been a year

March 13, 2020…the day the world stood still…both Sue and I left our respective schools that day and had no clue to the extent of what was about to happen. I don’t think I need to revisit any of it for anyone reading this. You all know what went on, the changes, the ups and downs, the mishandling on a federal level, the lack of unity throughout the nation, and the subsequent rises and falls of illnesses, emotions and loss.

Well, it’s a year up the line and Sue and I have been fully vaccinated for almost a month now. We are feeling a bit more hopeful, the birds are chirping, the chipmunks out and about (much to the dismay of Abbey THE dog), it’s lighter longer, the mounds of snow are pretty much melted (some of the larger mounds have a way to go…but it’s still pretty promising). Golf is moving from something to watch back to something to play. I’m on a 45 day treadmill running streak but even that will move outside soon enough. Sue and I have been incredibly fortunate this past year [though a lot of that is due to being very conscious about being careful and we are feeling hopeful that a corner has been turned.

The sadness of loss will not soon go away…April 2020 will always be remembered for a day where I came down from the treadmill to the terrible news that Silvio had passed from Covid. Others have losses just as profound. Time and tide and Father Time remaining undefeated all true. Yet, each day with the sunshine and rebirth of the season brings a smile and a continued ray of hope.

I’m alive. I can feel the blood shiver in my bones”….(yup, Bruce is playing as I type)

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