Snow clearing, roof raking, a much looked forward to dinner canceled. Winter has flexed its muscles with a show of force today. Covid rising, no escape to the sun for a few days, no time running on the beach, no hugs with kids, no watching the grandkids revel in the arrival of Santa, no Happy New Year hugs and laughs with friends (let alone no Guinness on tap at a particular friend’s annual celebration). Some things will remain: Sue will make her traditional WASP standing rib roast and popovers for Christmas Day dinner, but it will be just the two of us (and Abbey THE dog of course, who will likely be delighted in her “take”).

Then there is the rollout of the very promising vaccine, being able to be warm and comfortable in a home with my very special wife, music, laughter, sharing thoughts and stories at happy hour, realizing that through all this (at least as of this writing) we have stayed upright on the surf board while we navigate the waves of the pandemic. Light at the end of the tunnel, hope, looking forward to a time when the ocean will again cuddle me in it’s loving embrace, shaking hands after a round of golf, swapping stories over some craft IPAs.

A line from Barry Gibb toward the end of the documentary on the Bee Gees struck me yesterday…thus the title of this piece. It is a scary thought how quickly time passes but trying to grab every moment is one of the realizations that comes with that knowledge and acceptance.

Trouble ahead, trouble behind, and I guess that notion just crossed my mind….


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