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New Year's Eve

BalloonsOn New Year’s eve I would go to sleep dreaming that I would wake up in the morning, all of my excess weight would disappear, and I would be thin…and happy!

happy babySadly, the dream never came through. It was always the same nightmare! I started each New Year, obese and unhappy.

On New Year’s eve, I go to sleep and don’t have to dream like the “old me” did. I go to sleep happy and I wake up happy. Bariatric surgery helped make my dream come true in 2008.

So, here I am today in 2021, a happy, outgoing, energetic, full of life “VIOLET.”

Valentine's Day

cupidWhen Valentine’s Day came around my thoughts were lonely. I felt betrayed by some relationships. I was frustrated, confused, and miserable. I felt alone! I punished myself on the inside and on the outside with my continued weight gain.

be my valentineI look forward to Valentine’s Day because I have two very special people to share it with; my cupid (Andrew) and me. With all of the experiences I have had since my bariatric surgery, I have learned to love myself. I am able to enjoy life and cherish every minute of everyday. I don’t feel held back and continually try to explore new things and gain new experiences. I don’t feel a limit to what I can do now.


My cupid is my life saver. At over 300 lbs. he still loved me. It didn’t matter what I looked like. He stole my heart and I knew he was the one for me. Together we embarked on my bariatric journey and he has been, and continues to be, my constant and BIGgest supporter. Now, when I look at myself in the mirror on Valentine’s Day, with a great smile on my face I say, “Happy Valentine’s Day.”

Violet Wolf, Dr. Neil Floch’s gastric bypass patient with 162 lb. weight loss



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