Are you ready for the Merry Go Round that begins with pumpkin, spice and bite size chocolates, and is followed up by Halloween? Let’s get real, the food parade doesn’t end until January 4th, 2021 when you put on your “pants” to go back to work.

o you need a private place to be accountable, make new friends, share healthy holiday recipes for success, and learn while you continue to lose, or maintain, through the Holiday Season? We have a 9 week group that will provide it all.

is our popular WEEKLY WEIGH-IN TURBO CHARGED to help you get through the food fest known as the HOLIDAY SEASON with recipe ideas, strategies for navigating buffet tables, and other “food and drink porn” activities that we all will be faced with for the last nine weeks of 2020.

eight loss surgery provides a tool that will serve you well for a lifetime as long as you learn to use it properly. Understanding and following the SUCCESS HABITSPRINCIPLES, which includes your accountability group, will help you reach your target goal weight and help to ensure your long-term weight goal and maintenance.

articipants become a member of our “SECRET FACEBOOK GROUP”, receive a customized weight loss progress chart, and a lesson hand out each of the 9 weeks. We will be posting scale shots, recipes, sharing strategies for winning, and providing daily motivation and inspiration.

articipation includes:

  • Membership in your “SECRET” FACEBOOK GROUP”
  • • A customized weight loss progress chart •
  • A weekly SUCCESS HABIT lesson
  • • Recipes
  • • Strategies •
  • A place to share your wins and challenges with other WLS folks who “get it”

egister today to join WLS SUCCESS MATTERS IN HANGIN’ THROUGH THE HOLIDAYS. Nine weeks participation beginning Tuesday November 3, 2020 is only: $50 This is a savings of $49 just for YOU! Be sure to use your promo code OCT 20 for your $49 discount when registering.* *Promo available to first time customers only Registration fills up quickly so don’t wait!

endy and Sandi are looking forward to spending time with you to facilitate your continued success.


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