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Dr. Neil Floch's Secret Facebook Group

Our SECRET FACEBOOK GROUP has recently started with a bang, and we’ve gotten over 100 patients to join in the first week. We hope to grow our numbers to the thousands including patients who had bariatric surgery in the past, and people looking forward to having bariatric surgery or taking weight-loss medications now.

A Facebook group is a great way of getting an answer anytime of the day or night for problems you may be having surrounding your bariatric surgery; whether it be a sleeve gastrectomy, a gastric bypass, a lap band, and a revisional surgery. Sometimes we have problems and don’t always want to call the doctor, but having a friend or someone just to run it by who is in same position is very helpful.

Dr. Neil Floch is the only administrator for the site and keeps a close eye on it posting almost daily topics or issues the Facebook group members can talk about.

The site should allow people to feel comfortable talking about issues knowing that the general public will not see them.

There’s a written rule that we cannot share what is said in the group. We need to keep it to ourselves and not disclose patience identities. That’s why it’s a secret.

Hopefully with groups like this and the support they offer we can help our patients on their journey to weight loss success.

Please click on the following link to join Dr. Neil Floch’s SECRET FACEBOOK GROUP:

SHHH! Keep it between us. It’s a secret!


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