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Yesterday Spring Today

I was unhappy about having to remove the heavy winter clothing that I hid behind. Everyone was passing me by while I was unable to walk. I sat on the sidelines and watched everyone play sports and being active. I felt alone! No cycling, no water activities, no sports, no nothing!!! Spring consisted of me sitting on the bench and watching everyone enjoying it as I suffered.

Today                                                                                                                Pink Butterfly

I am able to run leaps and bounds like the bunny rabbit as spring comes into my life. I walk 9 miles a day, 3 days a week. I participate in boot camp (intense gym program) and enjoy every ounce of sweat because I know with that I am achieving and maintaining my goals. I love hiking with Andrew and now I have to wait for him to catch up to me. I am wearing light clothes (which I enjoy shopping for) and no longer have to hide behind my clothing. I am proud and happy to be who I am!

Purple ButterflyViolet Wolf, Dr. Neil Floch’s gastric bypass patient with 152 lb. weight lossGrass



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