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As a child I would run and hide when I would see the other kids in the neighborhood coming towards me. I would always check to see if the coast was clear. I always felt like I was looking over my shoulder and being chased. But, it really wasn’t like that. It was the fear in the back of my mind that somewhere down the street someone might be waiting for me and that would be something awful to me…being teased and called names. But, it wasn’t always the case. There was always one good friend I could count on. She didn’t care how I looked. In the summer I would jump on my bike, ride to my aunt’s house 3 miles away to escape the kids, sleep over and spend time with my cousins. That’s where I found happiness. We would go blueberry picking, catch lightning bugs, frogs, and ride the merry go round in the park.

All my fears would disappear.

When I get up each morning I can honestly say I am the happiest. My bariatric surgery brought me my happiness. Of course, Andrew had something to do with it too. I am able to do lots of things I never had been able to do before. I can walk 7- 8 miles a day, garden without having pain when I bend, walk along the shore with my husband, climb rocks, ride my bicycle (an anniversary present), travel, and so much more. Sitting for a long time in the car on our vacation trips is no longer a problem.

Happy days are here today… with so many more to come.

Violet Wolf, Dr. Neil Floch’s gastric bypass patient with 152 lb. weight loss


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